In addition to helping you find properties that are on the MLS, we are investors and have a network of other investors and have lots of resources to assist you in obtaining properties that are off market for your cash investment purposes. Having cash readily available without debt hanging over your head has a couple of huge advantages. One of the reasons people invest in real estate is to get a regular flow of cash going. Investing in real estate with cash is less risky, and since it’s a readily available recourse, it provides flexibility, stability, and basically forms a solid foundation.


The two basic goals of investing are: 
1) to make sure that what you have isn’t lost
2) to grow wealth

Real Estate pays good cash on cash return of investment.  Real estate is less risky than investment in stock markets and other investments.  It makes a good, diversified portfolio and has a highly tangible asset value.

The National Association of Realtors’ research on cash sales estimates that about 30 percent of residential sales are pure cash transactions.